At Treiber Farms, we do everything by hand. We’re reviving the craft of farming as a creative collaboration with nature’s raw materials: seeds, soil, water, sunshine and plenty of hard work. On our 60 acres on Long Island’s North Fork, we use sustainable methods and resourceful ingenuity to produce a wide range of flavorful foods for local chefs and eaters, and we also cross-pollinate agriculture and the arts through collaborations and events in the field and at our Old Barn.


1. Simplicity.
USDA-certified Organic regulations still allow for liberal use of certain pesticides and herbicides — more than 20 different chemicals are considered a-okay by the official rule-makers. But not by us. We choose to ditch the labels and base our practices in a more authentically down-to-earth approach, with absolutely zero help from commercial toxins. We work with nature, not against it.

2. Sustainability.
Our focus on simplicity is the key to true sustainability. We aim to serve as stewards of the land by creating as gentle of an impact on our environment as we can, or even by regenerating our soil health through a low-till approach to leave the North Fork ecosystem better than we found it. 

3. Resourcefulness.
This sustainable perspective demands a clever and crafty approach. We build our own produce crates from scrap wood, hang our garlic to cure in leftover mesh fencing, and generally reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever possible.