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Treiber Farms was founded in 2014 by a father and son duo, Peter Treiber Senior (Owner) and Peter Treiber Junior (Farm Manager). Our small but close-knit crew is a group of creative types who enjoy not just farming, but also cooking and preserving, woodworking, ceramics, printmaking, writing, and more. Meet the team below.


Peter Treiber Senior


During his insurance industry career, Peter Senior was known for swapping his nice suit for a t-shirt as soon as he got home from work and beelining straight for the backyard garden. As soon as he retired in 2014, starting a full-fledged farm of his own was his first order of business. A food lover, fisherman, and eternally curious jack-of-all-trades, Senior can often be found buzzing around the property on the lawnmower, keeping the whole property in tip-top shape and offering fresh berries to all who stop by for a visit.



Sister to Pete Junior, Kelly serves as the head of Treiber Farms' unofficial HR department. She keeps the whole crew in check and the whole farm home orderly with her savvy organization skills, and her artwork and floral arrangements add spunk to all corners of the property. Kelly can also make you laugh harder than anyone else you've ever met. 


Peter Treiber Junior

Farm Manager

Peter Junior has always wanted to work in a creative field — he just didn't know it would happen so literally. He started as a camp counselor, granola maker, photo and video production assistant, and more before digging into the farm with his Pop, and he brings both his clever resourcefulness and his playful perspective to every bulb of garlic he gr0ws. An artist and all-around Renaissance man, Pete can typically be spotted in his wood shop or collaging in his bedroom studio in his spare time. 



Peter Junior's black lab, affectionately known as Peachy-Pochy or Silkbody (because, have you seen her fur?), provides moral support in the field. She's unendingly obsessed with playing fetch (even if she tramples a few corn stalks in the process), and she often manages to harvest turnips, beets, and snap peas with her own teeth for a mid-day snack. 

the 2018 FIELD CREW


abRAHAM korman

The Professional Plant Whisperer

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The Fermentation Mastermind


emily harsch

The Chief Chicken Lady


malcolm Perkins-Smith

The One Who Gets Sh*t Done

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Leah pellegrini

The Documentarian