We grow all kinds of vegetables, from early spring asparagus and peas to late summer tomatoes, broccoli, and beyond. We also cultivate an abundance of fruit, including peaches, apples, pears, cherries, nectarines, and plums in our orchard, plus blackberries, blueberries, and multiple colors of raspberries.

In general, we look for vibrant and unique seed varieties, including both heirlooms and experimental cross-breeds — we choose the crops that excite and intrigue us. (Curious if we have a particular fruit or vegetable variety available? Just shoot us an email.)

eggs, MEAT, & HONEY

Our eggs, which come in varying shades of white, brown, and green, are truly free-range — stop by for a farm visit, and you'll see some of our hens roaming around the front yard. Thanks to the birds' rich diet of foraged grub and greens, the yolks are richer, more vibrant, and more flavorful than any you'll find in a carton at the store. 

As for meat, we raise organic, grass-fed beef cattle on our fields in collaboration with Amagansett-based Acabonac Farms, and we also raise free-range chickens, ducks, and geese. And we harvest honey from eight hives that sit right at the edge of our main field.


Every size. Every shape. Every color of the rainbow. We can arrange our cut flowers (like sunflowers, poppies, dahlias, and snap dragons, in addition to ample wildflowers) into all kinds of arrangements for any casual or formal occasion.


Our herbs and edible flowers include nasturtiums, tulsi, wild bergamot, and more — great for salad toppers, herbal teas, and everything in between.


We grow oats, rice, and wheat (for home-baked sourdough loaves and more), plus an assortment of corn, from a traditional sweet corn to heirloom Mexican maize for masa.